I did not do a 3 week trial of the CBD, only about 5 days. This suggests it is effective for me somewhat because normally I know immediately if I have missed one dose of my medicine, but on day 5 I was pretty stiffness and back pain free. Unfortunately I did later find that capsule and took it and the headache returned, so this is probably the end of this experiment for me for now. I am out of my samples and experienced some side effects.
I am continuing exploring complementary therapies. Right now I am doing acupuncture, so perhaps that will help.
If money were not an obstacle I would probably continue experimenting witht he CBD, and see if I could get the headaches to improve with acupuncture or other low-side-effect treatments. But given that the stuff is kind of expensive, I am calling it quits for now.
Good luck to everyone. I am interested in hearing how marijuana or cbd works for people who are using it.