I am so sorry for what i said.... so so sorry!!
cancer is worse and i am ok with spondylitis..(why not me???) i am trying to erase my previous message, but i cannot, it is too late. I am so so sorry.
We went to reymatologist last Tuesday. He asked me to repeat calprotectin test, it is high. If it remains, I go to gastroenterologist, it is probably Crohn s disease...Otherwise, if calprotectin levels slow down, we start sulfasalasine for spondylitis.
But, he cought a flu after the hospital and now we don t take the blood test (to test calprotectin), we wait.
MRI for spine ann neck was found ok.
Thanks for your answer.

yesterday, he was in great mood, he was walking from bed to kitchen and back and you could hear "CRACKS" from his joints. He had burst into laughter with his sister...