Each flare seems to be a totally new experience:

1. Started about 20 years ago with a hard-to-describe pain in the butt that would move from side to side
2. Abdominal pain that could only be described as "my internals hurt". Had colonoscopies, evidence of Crohn's-like lesions.
3. Pain between shoulder blades and sternum/chest tightness (went to ER fearing heart attack)
4. Wrists/ankles stiff in the morning
5. Most all pain comes on in evening, gets worse overnight
6. Pain gets slowly better with movement, stretching, hot shower so by the time I get to doctor I look and feel fine.

I found out about AS online googling my symptoms and finally took myself to Rheumatologist last year. He confirmed my self-diagnosis, and it seems like everything makes sense now.

A couple weeks ago, I had a flare that was so bad that even with a cane and help from my husband it took 15 minutes to shuffle (with tears streaming down my face) from my bed to the bathroom (20 steps). Had to have DH help pull my pants down and sit me on the toilet.

I decided to try to limit starch and sugar as much as possible, and it has made a HUGE difference. Hasn't even been a month and I feel like a new person.

Jmelynn - you've got nothing to lose, I really recommend giving it a shot!

dx Multiple Sclerosis in 2005 - tried Rebif, Copaxone, Gilenya; dx Crohn's in 2012
... question both dx above - think it may have been AS symptoms
dx AS 2019 - HLA B27+; radiographic evidence of bilateral sclerosis of SI joints
Currently using diet, +pre/probiotics, +fish oil, +tumeric. Medication and Pain free (at least for now)