Replying to really old thread, but figured since I was reading through it now, maybe someone else was too. In regards to the question about comparing AS pain to labor - I was just thinking about that this morning, so figured I'd share my thoughts.

I birthed two babies. Granted, they were both right around 6 lbs, but I'm little too. First one was over 30 hours of labor. The only medication I used was a dose of Nubain (a narcotic pain reliever that took the edge off and let me sleep for about half an hour mid-way through, but was completely worn off before time to push) and self-hypnosis.

Second birth was no pain reliever at all, only about 9 hours between water breaking and delivery which they were trying to stop because she was early.

I would prefer to get stung by wasps *while* giving birth naturally than experience some of the flares I've had.

Birthing is easier because generally:
- you know what to expect and what causes it
- you have doctors who can tell what is happening to you
- you have people waiting on you
- you have pain relief options that will probably work
- you can curse at, or be short with, anyone in the room and it's forgiven
- you are not expected to continue working, doing laundry, etc during contractions or while pushing
- you generally get short breaks between contractions
- you know it WILL end eventually
- you get these amazing endorphins afterward
- you're not terrified that you're: alone/dying of a heart attack/giving this disease to your children/going crazy/never going to be able to walk again/ . . .
- when it's over people will bring you gifts and help you around the house and you get to take time off work
- you also know that you won't go through it again for at least another 9 months :-)

dx Multiple Sclerosis in 2005 - tried Rebif, Copaxone, Gilenya; dx Crohn's in 2012
... question both dx above - think it may have been AS symptoms
dx AS 2019 - HLA B27+; radiographic evidence of bilateral sclerosis of SI joints
Currently using diet, +pre/probiotics, +fish oil, +tumeric. Medication and Pain free (at least for now)