Great question. I feel like you actually need to go to a place that sells a lot of chairs and sit in them.

My rule of thumb is to have lots of adjustable functions. The more, the better. The back of the chair, the arms (up/down & angle in/out)and the seat, plus a large range for height. These get expensive. That’s the type at my wife’s work station, where I will sit to do bookkeeping and taxes for her business. I’ll probably sit for no more than five hours at a time.

There was a time that I used a chair that went as tall as a stool at my office.

Before corona virus I had the worst, old leather type chair that had no adjustments . But I stood 90% of the time. When I sat, I usually sat cross legged.

I rarely use a chair anymore. I have a standing desk. I stand all day long. In my work area I have a simple sturdy wooden chair that I can sit cross legged in.

One last thought, I got an Upright Go2 to monitor posture. It’s been really helpful to let me know what activities I stoop forward in. I’m pretty good at being talk while on the computer. Looking at my phone is often stooped. Washing dishes isn’t great unless I’m super careful. It makes sense, because I’ll ‘feel it’ if I have a lit of dishwashing to do.

Hope that helps.

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