Hi PsSpa

My rheumatologist told me he want to start the biologics and see how it goes before taking the decision of a ct scan because he don’t want more radiation in my body (3 different set of x rays in the last 3 years).
I am trying to start with LSD or AIP but the problem is the lost of weight and lack of energy. Did you have that type of problems? How is a regular day of your diet?
I was on sulfazalasina 2000 mg and indomethacin 100 mg daily for about 3 months and I can said there was and improvement in ROM but just minimal.

I never had psoriasis before but I remember I used to have some type of eczema around my face but no one took that as important.

Thanks for the tip of enbrel support the rheumatologist office is applying also through AMGEN.

Another question, how is/was your ROM looking up and down?

Thank you so much again you are giving me some hope I can improve my quality of life.


41 yo, main problem stiffness and pain in the neck since 33 and always be treated as osteoarthritis till reach 41 years old
Hla-b27 negative, CRP y ESR always normal till 41 yo and 6 months when spike, sulfasalazina and indomethacin from July 2021 till December 2022, enbrel from February 2022, nsd and autoinmune paleo diet from January 2022