HI Alex, welcome again to the forums. I have spoken with people that said they thought their limited ROM was permanent only to find out that it improved after starting a TNF. I"m not on a biologic, so I'm not speaking from personal experience.

My ROM is limited and there is fusing is all along spine including neck. For me, exercise and yoga improves my ROM. For me, I feel that the exercise and yoga helps me utilize the ROM I have and helps maintain posture in the long term. you may have seen photos of people with severe fusing in a position that makes looking ahead impossible. I believe that wont happen to people that are able to start effective treatments within the first ten years of symptoms.

There is low dose CT scan that shows very small details of syndesmophytes. I'm only aware of NIAMS that does this as part of an AS study. You may see if the study is still open on clinicaltrials.gov. search Michael Ward.

Even if you could see the fusing, I'm not sure that would change the recommended treatement of exercise.

I'm not aware of studies that show SSZ is effective for spine, including the neck. I believe it's mostly used for skin and periphery joint issues.

hope this helps.

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