My current and only Rheumatologist I have seen is Dr. Neelakshi Patel in Stanford Campbell California

She has been very helpful and discusses all medicines and their cons with me. And supportive of me wanting to switch medicines. I have changed Humira to Cosentyx, back to Humira and now on Inflectra. Not sure if it matters, but reading some other posts seem like, not all Rheumatologists are open to trying different biologics.
She was also supportive of me undergoing spinal reconstruction to correct the kyphosis.
In case anyone needs, I also saw Dr. Sigurd Berven from UCSF for my kyphosis and spinal surgery. He gave me another life, with the surgery.

Male, early 30s. AS diagnosed Sep 2015. HLAB27+
Current medicines: Omeprazole, Vit D3, Celecoxib(1 tab)/Zorvolex(2 tabs)(alternatimg between these two every week), Pyridoxine, Isoniazid, MTX(3 tab) every wednesday, on humira every two weeks since Dec 2015, Weekly Humira since June 18th 2016
On cosentyx 300mg a month since Dec '16