My son, Alex, who will be 6 1/2 next month, is a very active child. He always has been. Around the time he was 4 1/2 he started having unexplained stomach pain. It was an everyday thing. The only thing his pediatrician did was push on his tummy and then tell me, right infront of him, that it was all in his head and he was doing it for attention. After a few months, it stopped. When he was a little over 5 he started getting pain in between his shoulder blades. He was complaining alot, and had not done anything to hurt that area at all. After a few days of it I took him to the dr again and they looked him over. They told me it was nothing, that it was in his head and to just ignore it. It lasted about 1 1/2 months and I gave him motrin to control the pain. In the past year he has complained on his lower back hurting, and his knees hurting. I mentioned this to his dr when he went in last week for an ear ache and they laughed and brushed it off. I have told them in the past what I have and that it can be hereditary. What do I have to to to get him REALLY checked out?