My 13 yro daughter has uspa. My son - 12- has had chronic achilles tendonitis since 7, but it could have been mechanical.

But, then.. weird toes and then some stiff backs in the morning time in the last 6 months. If I didn't have my daughter diagnosed, I would have never ever had a second thought. Both of my kids are incrediably active athletes..sons playing hockey, tennis and baseball right now so who knows the real causes of all the aches and pains.

E-mailed not the peds, but the daughter's peds Rhumy with the very non-descript, relatively under control symptoms. He wanted to see him immediately. Found seveal tendonitis areas, but not real inflammation.

I think the key is to see a Rhumy, a peds specialist, given your family history. They will get a better baseline to guide his development. My kid's Rhumy wasn't willing to diagnose anything, but he took labs and measured for future comparison.

Just a thought.

Daughter diagnosed 2004; son diagnosed 2006. Both are currently without spondy meds and currently in a medicine induced remissions. One has been pharma free for 3 years; the other one for 2 years.