If this was my child and knowing the family history, I would be asking for the HLA-B27 test - and starting the starchfree diet. To put it in our local lingo......I would not be "stuffing around" What is the point in going through all this aggravation? Is there some cash payout for 'proving' an illness where you are?

By all means wait for the 'rhumy' but look after the kid, Mum, before this awfull disease causes too much damage.

[my apologies to those who feel offended by straight talk]

PreAS = STARCHfree, yoghurt, ,, meat , vitE, niacinamide,B complex
Fibro = antiviral, MAGNESIUM /B6
Arthritis in fingers = no potato fam. plants
Candour & laws differ from place to place