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As a patient I believe Dr. Jones is Awesome!

Dr. Holly Jones of Houston Arthritis Associates
7515 Main Street Suite 670
Houston, TX 77030

Working in a field that interacts with medical staff daily and now having to be a patient (having been through the referral mill - GP, Gen Ortho, Ortho Specialist, Psychiatrist, etc) I feel that Dr. Jones AND her staff are incredible! They're fast, friendly, efficient, and always return phone calls within a few hours (but more often than not you can talk to a nurse when you first call).

I figured as with most specialists when I got the referral in May that I'd have to wait forever. Nope, in less than two weeks I was sitting in front of her. Again, discouraged with past experiences, I was afraid it would be another I can't help you. We must have met for about an hour, she listened asked questions, and for the first time gave me answers (which of course had to be backed up with xrays/bloodwork, etc). But right from the start she showed concern, understanding and compassion.

I've seen her every 4-6 weeks for follow up and restructuring my plan of care. We always make decisions together because she believes that I own this and deserve a voice in my treatment. When asked questions, she always gives answers and alternatives. And when I'm being stubborn (scared) she always knows how to put into perspective. I believe she really understands this illness and wants to help people LIVE their life not just exist in it.

Just my .02 if you're in (or around) Houston and looking a GOOD rheumatologist.


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