I have a 15 yr old daughter that was diagnosed with AS in September., Since that time she has been on Celebrex, Naprosyn, Sulphasalizine and recently methatraxate. She has progressively gotten worse and has now started taking the methatraxate in injection form. We just returned from UCLA rheumatology and they have recommended the drug Embrel which is in injection form also.
Is anyone familiar with this drug? My daughter is in constant pain and she has difficulty walking because of the swelling in the feet. Her hands and elbow are swollen also and has started having pain in her rib cage.
I have AS but never had these severe symptoms like my daughter. Is anyone out there experiencing this? We are both so frustrated. I am hoping the embrel will do the trick.
On top of everything else...the cost of the Embrel is outrageous. How can people afford this?
If anyone has any advice..please help!!